About us

Awards and prizes

The business philosophy of Samoborka d.d. consists of recognized high-quality products, manufactured from high-quality domestic and foreign raw materials based on authentic recipes that were made in Samoborka, in the ancient years of the last century, which for years have been examined and perfected by the best experts and engineers, local and foreign laboratories and users themselves.

“Croatian quality” ("Hrvatska kvaliteta")
Sign "Croatian Quality" is awarded to products that meet the highest world quality standards in a particular category and thus represent top Croatian quality.
In Samoborka product range these are: Teratekt, Teratekt G, Teratekt BTeratekt Fleks i Teratekt Fleks unilevel

“Croatian creation” ("Izvorno Hrvatsko")
Croatian Chamber of Commerce awarded annually authentic Croatian products award "Croatian creation" and thus emphasizes tradition and a wide range of quality domestic production and products based on longlasting tradition and innovative development research. Our Products is proud to bear the Croatian creation are: Teranil, Teranil ekstra, Samoterm, Samoterm F, Samoterm glet, Terapol, Terapol fresh
„Best Buy Award“
In Croatia Construction Best Buy Award survey in October 2012, according to the ratings of Croatian construction professionals and users of construction services and products, Samoborka highlighted as a leading construction company in Croatia, and has been awarded the highest number of votes in three separate categories: "Heat facade systems "," Plaster "and" Building adhesives ", and two additional categories for " internal wall color "positioned on the third PLACE " Concrete products and concrete products "to another location.The measure of the satisfaction of customers and users of construction services, products, materials, tools and machinery ratio of price and quality supply in the market.